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ManChingKC was born and raised in Shek O, a tiny coastal village sitting on the southeast tip of Hong Kong Island. Having first developed an interest in painting when he was a teenager.


One day ManChingKC met John Fung, a notable news photographer at that time. showed his works to Mr Fung for appraisal. Not only was the feedback very positive, but he was also encouraged to practice his skills and polish his talent by first becoming a photojournalist. ManChingKC was later recommended to work in a newspaper office. Since then, he has decided to pursue his career in photography. 
From photojournalist to magazine photographer, eight years of hard work has earned him a great reputation and recognition within the industry. In 2003, ManChingKC started to get his hands on all sorts of photographic challenges by establishing his own studio and becoming an independent photographer. His works vary from fashion photography to commercial projects and portrait shooting. Celebrities whom he has photographed include Anthony Wong Chau Sang, Louis Koo, Niki Chow and Hins Cheung.



Light and shadow – a journey of self-cultivation 
ManChingKC pays particular attention to the relationship between light and shadow. He strives his best to reflect this relationship by manipulating these two elements through his subtle yet conscientious observations. Among all categories of photography, ManChingKc is best at portrait and street photography. Through his camera, ManChingKc constructs himself a “Garden of Eden” frame by frame. “Walking down the street, observing all beings that surround the universe has always been a spiritual practice for me. The peacefulness and quietness have always enlightened me of numerous possibilities and joy. I think, for me, this is what photography is all about.”



“Sometimes photography is a way for me to reflect on life. When I look through the small rectangular space of my viewfinder, the world seems very quiet and still. This space suddenly becomes very vast. Not only does it allow me to discover many possibilities, but it also gives me happy moments when I indulge myself with some peaceful thinking.”





"Raw Pgotography" Exhibition - Photos without Retouch 2008

“Hong Kong‧City” Photo Exhibition at Shanghai Expo 2010

2008 - HKIPP Annual Exhibition(Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)

2009 - HKIPP Annual Exhibition(Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)

2010 - HKIPP Annual Exhibition(Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)

2011 - HKIPP Annual Exhibition(Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)

2012 Chai Wan Mei creative photographic exhibition(HKIPP @ Art ChaiWanMei)

2014 "兩棚人"相連展~ (Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong)




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Office: Rm 03, 9/F Tak King Industrial Building, 27 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan, HK

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